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Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield will Help You through the Claim Process

Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield Home Insurance

(1)  Call Us. Your local Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield Agents are always available to help you review your Chesterfield Missouri home insurance policy coverages. Please call our Chesterfield Missouri Insurance office, and we’ll guide you through every step to make your experience goes as smooth as possible.  (636) 449-1213.  We help our clients with the claims process, regardless of how small or large the damage may be.

(2) What you can do during the claim process:

  • Most Chesterfield Missouri Home Insurance Policies require the insured to do what is reasonable to prevent further damage to the property. You or your contractor should patch walls or roofs by covering them with tarps, or cover shattered windows with plywood or heavy plastic.  Please be careful and have a licensed contractor perform any dangerous task, such as repairs to the roof.
  • Keep receipts and invoices associated with any emergency repairs to give to your claim representative. In the event your home is unlivable, save any receipts associates with costs for motel rooms, meals, etc. These may be reimbursable items as well.
  • Take inventory in each room of the house and provide a written assessment of all damaged/missing property, including descriptions, cost of items, and when items were purchased. Serial numbers or other identifiable marking are helpful as well.
  • For water damage, you may contact a company that specializes in water extraction and water damage mitigation.  Your Alternatives Insurance®  of Chesterfield agents will have a list of companies available in your area.

(3) Property Inspection.  Once you’ve reported your claim, the insurance carrier will have a claims specialist contact you (generally within 24 hours) to establish a date for inspecting the damages. The claims adjuster will come to your property and assess the damage, take photos, help you organize temporary repairs, or emergency services.

(4) Pay Your Deductible.  The insurance carrier will give you a complete damage estimate after a loss. This estimate will show the total dollar amount of your covered loss, less your deductible and depreciation (if applicable), and the net amount that will be paid toward the loss.

(5) Find a Contractor.  Most insurance carriers have a network of contracts to provide construction repairs following a property loss. Your claim service associate would be able to assist you to scheduling an inspection of your property and arrange for repairs. Using network contracts has its advantages as the insurance companies have pre-negotiated standards for the contracts to abide by such as:

  • Warranties on materials and labor provided
  • Contractors who have proper credentials and industry experience
  • Financially stable firms
  • Proper licensing
  • Worker’s compensation insurance protection for the contractors and workers
  • Strict performance standards that are monitored and measured

(6) Settlement Check.  In the event of a covered loss, most carriers will first pay you the Actual Cash Value (ACV) (actual cost less depreciation) for the damage to your property. When you replace the item or complete the specified repairs, the insurance carrier will pay you the difference between the replacement cost and the actual cash value amount previously paid. The total amount you will be reimbursed is subject to the terms and conditions of your particular policy, including deductible and limits. This may vary from company to company. You will receive a settlement check from your insurance provider, as soon as they have confirmed coverage and completed an investigation and comprehensive damage estimate. Every effort is made to issue payment on the claim as quickly as possible. If necessary, you may receive other authorized supplemental checks once proper re-inspections are performed or when your claim adjuster prepares a supplemental estimate. Your insurance carrier may be required by state laws and policy language to include any mortgagees/ lien holders on your settlement check(s).  If a mortgagee/lien holder’s name appears on your settlement check(s), the mortgagee/lien holder must sign off on the check before it can be cashed. You should contact your mortgagee/lien holder directly to determine the process for co-signing/cashing settlement checks.


Why Choose Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield?

We’re committed to outstanding customer service

We start by offering the best insurance products at a reasonable price. But it’s the Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield team that really set us apart from the competition. With combined experience of 60 years, our sales and support staff members can handle your transactions quickly and efficiently. We service each and every account using out team of insurance professionals and we’re always available to answer your questions.

We’re committed to professionalism

Our dedication to client service comes from a culture of professionalism and respect. All of our associates at Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield have strong credentials and all of our policies are presented to you in a consistent and professional manner.

We’re committed to solving problems quickly

Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield has unique industry relationships, allowing us to provide exclusive insurance solutions to our customers. Additionally, every staff member is trained to actively listen and provide helpful answers presented in a way in which our policy holders clearly understand.

We’re committed to earning and maintaining your trust

We believe trust is something earned by listening to our customers while providing helpful advice and support. Trust and consistent underwriting practices is what we expect from our carrier partners, and in return we owe the same level of service to you.

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