Missouri Dump Truck Insurance | MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield  | (636) 449-1213If you are in the Dump Truck Business, then you’ve come to the right place! MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield provides Dump Truck Insurance products and services specifically-tailored for your business. Our agents work with private contractors, owner-operators, and businesses with a fleet of heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Being in the Dump Truck Business does come with risk and liability. With the variety of materials being hauled, loading and unloading environments, and the numerous road hazards, it is easy to see the wide variety of risk exposures.  You and your business can be held financially liable for many different kinds of damages and injuries.   We understand that protecting your business is not only about having the proper Dump Truck Insurance coverage, it is also about reducing and managing risks.

Our commercial insurance specialists at MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield have the expertise and resources to lower the chances of personal injury and property damage for your Dump Truck business.  We go above and beyond most insurance agencies to deliver the strategies, tools, and resources that will help you manage your risks, control workers’ compensation claim costs, and advance safety.

Individually owned trucks or company vehicles that are used on the roads and highways for hauling cargo for reasons of commerce are required to carry commercial truck insurance. Dump truck drivers should have at least the mandatory coverage required to operate commercial vehicles.  The basic policy should include bodily injury and property damage liability coverage amounts required by Missouri law.


  • Non-trucking insurance: This coverage is designed for independent owner/operators with contract jobs. It provides liability insurance if you should be involved in an accident in your truck during off-work hours.
  • Motor truck general liability insurance: This coverage will protect you from liability for damage you cause to your customer’s property while operating your vehicle on their grounds.
  • Physical damage insurance: This additional coverage provides compensation for any damage to your dump truck, and is usually required by dealerships if you are leasing your vehicle.
  • Motor truck cargo insurance: If the cargo you will be hauling on your truck is valuable, you may be required to carry motor truck cargo insurance.Missouri Dump Truck Insurance | MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield  | (636) 449-1213
  • Collision insurance: This will cover the repair of damage to your dump truck if you collide with another vehicle or object.
  • Fire and theft insurance: This comprehensive insurance will provide compensation for damages to your vehicle from fire or theft.
  • Environmental insurance: This insurance will cover certain pollution-related losses and fines and the costs for restoration and clean-up, if necessary.
  • Rental reimbursement / downtime insurance: If your truck is damaged in an accident, this coverage will allow you to continue your business operations while your truck is being repaired or will cover business losses if continuation is not possible.
  • Off-season comprehensive only insurance: If your business is seasonal, this will save you money while protecting your vehicle while it is not in use.


When it comes to Dump Truck Insurance, our licensed agents have the years experience you need on your side.  With each new client, we conduct a risks assessment so that we can customize an insurance plan for you.  Our services not only include insurance, but we also assist with compliance challenges and can help you create a loss control and safety program.

During your free risk assessment, our agents will discuss your company’s safety policy, record keeping and accident/loss ratios with you. Some of the insurance carriers that we work with offer insurance premium discounts if a company has qualified risk policies and procedures in place. Some of those could include:

  • Managing Risks
    We have the risk management expertise and resources to help you develop a cost effective plan
    to control and lower your workplace risks.
  • Workplace Safety Programs
    Our workplace safety program service will assist you in developing a safety manual that will
    not only lower the probability of personal injury and property damage, but lower premiums as well.
  • Compliance and Record Keeping
    OSHA record keeping responsibilities can be challenging.   We can assist you in fulfilling
    your federal and state requirements.
  • Claims Cost Containment
    We can help you to control workers’ compensation claims by establishing a safety policy,
    adopting a Return-to-Work Program, streamlining reporting procedures, and more.


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