Missouri Trucking Insurance | MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield  | (636) 449-1213MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield is a leader in providing all-inclusive programs for Trucking Insurance in Missouri.  Our licensed agents have more than 60 years combined experience with liability, physical damage, garage liability, motor truck cargo, workers compensation and other transportation livery insurance coverages.  We know—without the right protection, there can be serious repercussions.

Whether you drive tractor trailers, box trucks, or flatbeds, and you depend on your truck for your business, our experienced agents with MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield can help you protect your source of revenue, with coverages designed for professional truck operators.

We offer truck insurance for most types of trucks, including Box trucks, Semi trucks, Flatbed trucks, Front loaders, Tank trucks, Tractors, Dump trucks, Auto hauler trailers, Garbage trucks, Pickup trucks, Flatbed trailers, and more.

Our agents are dedicated to providing specialized insurance solutions and services that are backed by decades of transportation experience. We conduct a comprehensive review of your insurance needs to create a customized insurance package that protects the owner-operator and the trucking company. Looking at the big picture, and depending on your type of trucking business, our agents will tailor insurance packages that may include commercial auto liability and physical damage, general liability, workers’ compensation, mover and warehouse equipment, business personal property and crime. Because trucking is a unique industry, we also have access to a variety of carriers that offer exclusive coverages such as:

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage – provides insurance on the freight or commodity hauled by a For-hire trucker. It covers your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load.

Missouri Trucking Insurance | MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield  | (636) 449-1213Removal Expense Coverage – protects you if your load is accidentally dumped on a roadway or waterway. The coverage pays for the cost to remove debris or extract pollutants caused by the debris.

Sue and Labor Coverage – pays for costs related to preventing further loss to damaged cargo, legal expenses in the defense or settlement of claims.

Earned Freight Coverage – pays for the freight charges the customer loses because of not delivering a load.


More information about a driver’s responsibility can be found at the Missouri Department of Transportation’s website.

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MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield not only has the experience you need to manage large and small fleet transportation insurance, but also have exclusive relationships with the livery insurance carriers we write policies through. These relationships allow us to quote and bind policies at our office which means faster service for you. MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield works with our transportation livery clients to manage potential losses, before they occur.  Let us assess your transportation livery insurance needs and do the shopping for you —  you save time and money!

MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield offers free consultations with our licensed, transportation insurance agents. We will review your liability and assets and match you up with the best insurance products to meet your needs.  We will certainly consider personal injury insurance to cover the cost of accidents and injuries involving your truck.

For more information and to speak with one of our experienced, transportation insurance agents, please feel free to call the office between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm.  (636) 449-1213 OR click here to contact us.