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Where To Learn More About Business Insurance In Chesterfield MO  |  Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield  |  (636) 449-1213Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield knows how important it is to help business owners understand insurance options and how to best protect business assets in case of a loss.  Our agents are here to help business owners know where to learn more about Business Insurance in Chesterfield MO.

There are many business issues that equally apply to sole proprietors and to large corporations.  Responsible business owners typically have a business license, pay their business taxes, have employees, and a payroll.  If business is good, then perhaps an accountant to manage the bookkeeping.   All of these items have one thing in common…. INSURANCE.

Do you rest well at night knowing your assets are protected?  Have you thought about the potential losses you would incur if something unfortunate would happen to your business?  Owning the right business insurance makes good business sense.

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Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agency

Searching for a “Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agency”?

Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield Is The Right Choice

Chesterfield MO Insurance Agency | Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield | (636) 449-1213Often times our agents meet potential customers who have had an insurance agent for years and whom they have never met, nonetheless have visited their office.  It is shocking to me that people put their life in the hands of a stranger and have no personal connection or relationship with their Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agent. The Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agency of Alternatives Insurance® prides ourselves on the fact that we take great interest in our clients’ and their family’s well-being. It is important that our clients trust the staff and licensed agents of our agency.

Alternatives Insurance® Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agency staff meets one-on-one with our clients to provide a comprehensive account review and make sure they have the best protection.  We explain the coverage options, benefits, and potential risks based off their needs versus current their current insurance coverages. We take the time to walk our client’s through every step of the decision process to make their experience as educational and informative as possible.

Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield opened in 2007 as a full service Independent Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agency and a proud member of Alternatives Insurance® Group. Alternatives Insurance® Group is an organization of insurance agencies located in the local St. Louis area; founded in 1992. The agents of Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield are licensed producers with Missourire than 60 years combined experience. The agency is dedicated to providing every client with protection products that are tailored to fit their individual needs. Whether it’s personal or business insurance, we provide the tools, resources, and superior customer service.

Year after year, our team continues to review, improve, and renew our products in addition to maintaining relationships with our valued carrier partners.  Our exceptional efforts and commitment ensure our clients’ fundamental insurance needs are met completely, competitively, proudly, and locally, by the staff at Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield.

You can find dozens, if not hundreds, of local Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agency in your telephone book or on the internet. Thanks to the internet you can also go directly to many insurance companies and get a quote. If you like the quote you can often buy a policy by filling out a few Missourire forms, right on the spot. This is where the customer relationship has a disconnect.  While we also offer quick quote button on the right of this page, we take the time to contact you personally.  We schedule an appointment to meet in person, get to know you and listen.

So why not do business with a local Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agency, who can very likely get you a better deal than you can get for yourself.  Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield serves all of Saint Louis County Missouri, including Chesterfield, Ballwin, Manchester, Creve Coeur, Glencoe, Wildwood, Town and Country, Frontenac, Ellisville and Des Peres. We proudly represent many of the industry’s leading national and regional Missouri insurance companies offering competitive rates through Travelers, Safeco, EMC, Kemper Preferred, Progressive, The Hartford, West Bend, Chubb and dozens Missourire.

The licensed professionals at our agency have the ability to quickly check prices and coverages with dozens of different insurance companies. We can handle all of your insurance in one place and shop hundreds of carriers for you to get you the best protection, at the best price.  We conveniently offer an entire solution for all your personal insurance and business needs.  Our agents are licensed to sell and are knowledgeable in many areas of the insurance industry, including the following products:


  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Missouritorcycle Insurance
  • Boat & Watercraft
  • Flood Insurance

  • General Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Building Property
  • Business Personal Property
  • Business Umbrella Policies


Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield is a supporting member of the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents and committed to the TrustedChoice® Pledge.

  Chesterfield MO Insurance Agency | Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield | (636) 449-1213

As a Trusted Choice® agency, we are dedicated to you and are committed to treating you as a person, not a policy.

The agents of Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield are fully licensed and comply with the Missouri Bureau of Insurance requirements.  Once our Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agent receives a license we ensure they comply with continuing education requirements and complete courses approved by the Missouri Insurance Department.  All of our agents throughout the company are compliant and ready to work for you.

Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield agents are advisors you can trust.  

Alternatives Insurance

Alternatives Insurance

Here are the top three reasons to choose a Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Agent with Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield:

  1. Personal service – Agents are trained to assess your needs, offer unbiased advice and support you should the unexpected happen.
  2. Peace of mind – Your auto insurance agent is a member of your local community and can handle your full range of insurance needs all in one place.
  3. Value – Your independent agent can access insurance coverage from multiple carriers – such as Travelers, Safeco, EMC, Kemper Preferred, Progressive, The Hartford, West Bend and Chubb –  to provide you with the best mix of savings and pricing.

Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield is committed to outstanding customer service.  We start by offering the best insurance products at a reasonable price. But it’s the Alternatives Insurance® of  Chesterfield team that really set us apart from the competition. With combined experience of 60 years, our sales and support staff members can handle your transactions quickly and efficiently. We service each and every account using out team of insurance professionals and we’re always available to answer your questions.

Our team is committed to professionalism.  Our dedication to superior client service comes from a culture of professionalism and respect. All of our associates at Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield have strong credentials and all of our policies are presented to you in a consistent and professional manner.

You can depend on us to solve problems quickly.  Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield has unique industry relationships, allowing us to provide exclusive insurance solutions to our customers. Additionally, every staff member is trained to actively listen and provide helpful answers presented in a way in which our policy holders clearly understand.

Our agents have a strong work ethic and are committed to earning and maintaining your trust.  We believe trust is something earned by listening to our customers while providing helpful advice and support. Trust and consistent underwriting practices is what we expect from our carrier partners, and in return we owe the same level of service to you.

Any questions?  Contact one of our professionals and we’ll be happy to spend the time with you in person!  Our service to you is number one priority. We thank you in advance for your trust, and rest assured we will earn it!

Chesterfield MO Business Insurance

Your Business – Your Dream – Protect It!

Chesterfield MO Business Insurance | Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield | (636) 449-1213

Have you been going in circles trying to decipher Chesterfield MO Business Insurance?  Not quite sure if you have the right business insurance protection?  Chesterfield MO Business Insurance encompasses all the different types of coverage available to protect business owners from losses. Through business o rcommercial insurance as it is often called, you can cover your property and business vehicles, insure against legal claims against the business with liability or workers compensation coverages, and also provide health insurance for your employees, among other things. Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield will breakdown the facts and provide you the resources you need to understand business insurance and help you make the best choice, for the best price.

Even if you don’t think your business has enough assets to be sued, or if you believe because your business in incorporated, you’re shielded from personal liability through the so-called “corporate veil,” you still need business insurance. Nowadays, people sue at the drop of a hat!  Unfortunately, anyone can be sued and assets can be compromised. Judgments can be collected through wage garnishments and bank account seizures, and even corporate veils can be pierced under certain circumstances; indeed, the smaller your business is, the more likely that you can be held personally liable for debts through your personal assets.

Your business needs comercial insurance because of the many risks and potential threats to its successful and continued operation. As a business owner, you want to have the confidence that the business you’ve built is covered in the event of loss. Partnering with Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield to handle your business insurance coverage needs can keep you focused on your business. Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield offers several options for business owner’s protection, and we can tailor your Chesterfield MO Business Insurance policies to help protect you and your venture as much as possible.

Business Owners Policy (BOP) is often appropriate for small to medium-sized businesses, usually includes property, casualty, liability, and business interruption coverage; you’re likely to pay less expensive premiums with a package deal instead of buying the policies separately.  Other choices are the home office policy, which combines homeowner’s and business insurance, and a “business pursuits” endorsement to your homeowner’s policy, which provides the least protection.  Other business insurance needs may also include worker’s compensation, commercial auto insurance, errors and omissions, builder’s risk, cargo, vacant property, bonds and special events.

Keep in mind, if your business services include counseling clients on legal, tax or other advisory topics, a BOP does not cover professional liability, auto insurance, workers’ compensation, health or disability insurance – all of which need to be purchased separately. Other businesses may have particular risks that will require more customized coverage than what’s included in a standard BOP.  For example, a jewelry store has different risks that a home-based business.

If we determine your business does not qualify for a BOP, we will consider Commercial Package Insurance Policy (CPP) options.  CPPs can be issued to include almost any type of coverage offered, from property and liability to auto, crime, inland marine and professional liability. When your business risks goes beyond the coverages in a BOP, the flexibility offered by a Packaged Policy provides the opportunity to design a policy specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Most Commercial Package Insurance Policies offer expanded coverage endorsements. These endorsements provide additional coverages or increase the base current coverages for lower premiums than purchasing each coverage separately. We know this all sounds so confusing, this is why we encourage you to contact one of our licensed agents to discuss your options.

During your business review with one of our professional agents, we will go through your insurance requirements step by step.  After we have determined whether you will be better insured by a Business Owner Policy or a Commercial Package Insurance policy – we’ll then review your property.

Property insurance coverage protects small business owners from losses to physical property space or equipment.  For insurance purposes, a business property includes the physical building in which other property, such as tools and equipment may reside.  With property insurance, you can buy either actual cash value or replacement cost insurance. Actual cash value insurance reimburses you for the value of lost, damaged or stolen goods after depreciation is taken into consideration. Replacement cost insurance reimburses you the amount it would take to replace, rebuild or repair damages with materials of similar kind and quality, without deducting for depreciation.

All of the following, owned or leased, can be considered business property:

  • Business Inventory
  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Artwork and Antiques
  • Signs and Outdoor Property Not Attached to a Building

There are three types of property insurance plans described below:

  • Basic – includes losses resulting from a fire, lightning, windstorm, hail and explosion, plus the cost of removing property to protect it from further damage.
  • Broad – includes basic plus extended coverage for other types of perils, such as a roof collapse (e.g. caused by snow or ice etc.
  • Special – includes basic and broad, and covers all direct physical losses except for losses specifically excluded as listed in the policy.

 Chesterfield MO Business Insurance | Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield | (636) 449-1213Commercial Auto Insurance covers delivery trucks, fleet vehicles (limousines), and company provided cars, to name a few.  All motorized vehicles, whether used for personal or business purposes, need auto insurance. While the types of coverage provided by personal and commercial auto insurance policies are essentially the same, there are important distinctions. Typically, commercial auto insurance policies have higher liability limits. They also may have provisions that cover rented and other non-owned vehicles, including employees’ cars driven for company business.

Several factors related to ownership and use of vehicles determine whether a personal or commercial policy is appropriate. We will determine who owns or leases the vehicle, who drives the vehicle and how the vehicle is principally used. We will discuss these matters with you and make the best decision based off of your needs for collision and comprehensive coverage to protect yourself against damage to your vehicles.

Contact one of our professional agents today to schedule a meeting to discuss your options.  We will work with you to identify the insurance and financial services that are right for your business.

Business Insurance Agents Chesterfield Missouri

The Agents of Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield Are The Right Choice


Business Insurance Agents Chesterfield Missouri | Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield | (636) 449-1213Business Insurance Agents Chesterfield Missouri are a dime a dozen. But are you getting the best service, an honest representative and someone who looks out for your best interest? Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield agents are dedicated to our clients, family and friends.  We are committed to work with you to identify the insurance and financial services that are right for your business. Our business insurance agents have access to many companies that we use to shop for your insurance.  As independent insurance agents, we have the upper hand because we have a variety of options to research and discover the best insurance coverages that meet your business needs.

A business insurance professional at Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield is your business partner.  When you’re shopping for an agent, make certain they have your best interest at heart and understand the risks of your business, the liabilities, and the best insurance programs that will protect your investment.

Our agents are independent insurance agents who can sell a variety of insurance and financial products including property and casualty insurance that protects individuals and businesses from financial loss resulting from automobile accidents, fire, theft, storms, and other events that can damage property and create liabilities.  For businesses, we also provide Workers Compensation Insurance.

Agents with Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield are fully independent insurance agents.  This means all of our agents represent a number of insurance companies, or “carriers”, that we can shop for you to select the products that most appropriately cover the business and the business assets. Our agents are very well trained and knowledgeable of the complexities of the insurance market and insurance law.  Our business insurance agents have the expertise that allows them to advise their clients about appropriate amounts of insurance and insurance coverages for their particular needs. The Missouri Department of Insurance provides detailed information about insurance law.

The best independent agents are partners who understand your business and give you the advice you need to help protect it from risk. Our commitment to our clients is top notch customer service.  We will return your phone calls and e-mails promptly and respond to your requests in a timely manner.

Our commitment to you isBusiness Insurance Agents Chesterfield Missouri |  Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield  (636) 449-1213

  1. Provide 24/7 services for our customers, offering any or all of the following: emergency phone numbers, Internet account access, e-mail and call center services.
  2. We explain the coverages and options available to you through our agency, at your request.
  3. We help you solve problems related to your coverage or account.
  4. We use our experience and multiple company relationships to customize your coverage as needed.
  5. We hold our staff accountable to continuing education so they may be more knowledgeable in serving you.

Every state requires insurance agents to be licensed because insurance is a heavily regulated field and all of our agents are licensed in the state of Missouri. We are required to obtain separate licenses to sell personal lines insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance, and other specialty areas.  All of our agents pass state examinations and take continuing education insurance courses.


Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO

Business Insurance Basics

Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO | Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield | (636) 449-1213So you’re thinking about starting a business and have been searching online for ” Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO “.  Don’t worry – the agents of Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield can help!  We shop many insurance companies to get the right business insurance coverages for you.  There are several types of business insurance coverages that can be packaged and sold as one policy. Let us explain the different types.

Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO | Business Owners Policy (BOP)

The BOP combines coverage for all property and liability insurance risks as well as many other coverages into one package policy.  This type of insurance is a good fit for most small businesses. The BOP is an adequate business insurance policy providing commercial insurance coverage that most small businesses need.  The term “BOP” specifically refers to insurance policy language developed by experts at ISO. ISO is a leading source of information about property/casualty insurance risk in a broad spectrum of commercial and personal lines of insurance.

The BOP includes coverage for business income, when your business suffers a loss and you are not able to operate. This is often referred to as interruption insurance. Interruption Insurance pays the owner income they lost when their business is destroyed by a qualifying disaster.  Quite often, disasters can stop business operations for an unknown period of time.  This could also could force a business to move out of their current location. Business income insurance will also coves the extra expense that a business owner may have to payout if a business must operate out of a temporary location.


Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO | Business Owners Policy Options

Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield offers optional coverages to increase your protection and tailor a policy to meet your specific needs. For example, Outdoor Property.  This coverage pays for loss or damage to outdoor fences, antennas, trees, shrubs, or plants caused by specific losses.  Debris Removal covers the expense of removing debris caused by the loss.  Pollutant Clean-Up provides coverage for a loss if you had to remove pollutants from land or water at your business location.  These are just a few options for your business owners policy.  Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield can shop your policy needs to find the best coverage for your business.

Only small- to medium-sized businesses that meet certain criteria are eligible for a BOP. Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield agents will look at the size of the premises, the required limits of liability, the type of business and the extent of offsite activity. Premiums for BOP policies are based on those factors plus business location, financial stability, building construction, security features and fire hazards.


Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO | Property Insurance

Property insurance will reimburse the business owner if their property, that is used for the business, is lost or damaged as the result of fire or theft. Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO | Alternatives Insurance® of Chesterfield | (636) 449-1213Property insurance covers the structure, personal property (furniture, inventory, electronics) and whatever the business needs to use to operate with the least disruption. Alternatives Insurance® Of Chesterfield can help business owners determine the best policy that meets their needs.  For example, property insurance may include coverage for equipment breakdown, removal of debris after a fire or other destructive event, some types of water damage and other losses.


Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO | Business Liability Insurance

Liability insurance (also known as Commercial General Business Liability) protects a company’s assets and pays for obligations, such as medical costs.  Consider if someone gets hurt on your property or when there are property damages or injuries caused by you or your employees. Everyone is out to sue somebody to get paid.  Liability insurance will cover the cost of your legal defense and any settlement or award if you should lose your case.  Liability insurance can also protect you against any liability as a tenant if you cause damage to a property that you rent, such as by fire or other covered loss.


Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO | Business Auto Insurance

A business auto policy provides auto insurance coverage for autos owned by a business – the autos must be used for the business and listed on the business insurance policy.

The insurance pays any costs to third parties resulting from bodily injury or property damage for which the business is legally liable, up to the policy limits.


Business Insurance Coverages Chesterfield MO | Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated, “no-fault” insurance system that pays benefits to workers injured on the job to cover medical care, part of lost wages and permanent disability. Workers compensation insurance will provide immunity to employers involved in civil lawsuits by employees over such workplace injuries. Most states require that businesses with five or more employees must be covered under workers compensation. Contractors are excluded from this rule and must have workers compensation insurance even with just 1 employee.  Missouri law does not see any difference between employees of different employment statuses. The statutory definition of “employee” includes both full- and part-time employees, seasonal and even temporary employees.

Other Types of Business Coverages

Errors and Omissions Insurance/Professional Liability

Errors and Omissions Insurance is most common for businesses that offer advisory services, rather than a product.  Examples of these type of businesses are CPAs, Attorneys, those providing physical care, can all lead to being sued by customers, clients or patients claiming that the business’s failure to perform a job properly has caused injury. Errors and omissions or professional liability insurance covers these situations. The policy will pay any judgment for which the insured is legally liable, up to the policy limit. It also covers legal expenses when there has been no wrongdoing.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) covers wrongful acts emerging from the employment process. The most common types of claims covered under EPLI policies include: wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. EPLI policies also cover claims from a variety of other types of inappropriate workplace conduct, including employment-related: defamation, invasion of privacy, failure to promote, and negligent evaluation. The policies cover directors and officers, management personnel, and employees.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and officers liability insurance protects directors and officers of corporations or not-for-profit organizations if there is a lawsuit claiming they managed the business or organization without proper regard for the rights of others. The policy will pay any judgment for which the insured is legally liable, up to the policy limit. It also covers legal expenses when there has been no wrongdoing.


Key Employee Insurance

Life or disability income insurance can compensate a business when certain key employees die or become disabled. These coverages cushion some of the adverse financial impact that results from losing a key employee’s participation.


 Umbrella Policies

A Business Umbrella Insurance policy protects you in a claim when your general business liability limits are exhausted, and you are faced with a lawsuit and potentially risking the entire value of your business. An umbrella liability policy provides coverage over and above a business’s other liability coverages. It is designed to protect against unusually high losses.  If a company has employment practices liability insurance, directors and officers liability, or other types of liability insurance, the umbrella could provide protection beyond those policy limits as well.

Please give us a call at (636) 449-1213 and have your insurance policy information ready. Our Commercial Insurance Specialist will obtain the information to begin working on your no obligation risk assessment and quote.



Thank you for visiting our Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Blog!trustedchoice-trans1

First, allow us to introduce ourselves….

MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield is an established full-service insurance agency.  As an independently owned Chesterfield Missouri insurance operation, our licensed agents have access to several A+ rated insurance carriers such as Safeco, The Hartford, Travelers, EMC, Progressive, MetLife, and dozens more. 

Our professional agents assess the risks and exposures the consumer may be facing.  Our goal is to shop insurance for the consumer – a/k/a “you!”  We shop multiple carriers and find you the best protection at the best price.  We’ll help save time and heartache trying to figure out which specific coverage goes with which type of risk.

The insurance products we offer include automobile, homeowners, business, power sports, life, and other specialty lines.  During the client risk assessment, our agents review coverage and compare how you’re currently protected.   Then provide recommendations about how you should be protected. The coverage includes liability, property damage, bodily injury, personal property and much more.

So now you know!

It is our goal to ensure Missouri consumers are well-informed about insurance and protecting themselves and their families. Our agents offer the Chesterfield Missouri Insurance Blog to provide information and educational resources for drivers, homeowners, business owners and everyone in between!  This blog and our site are dedicated to providing Missouri consumers valuable information related to insurance products and risk management solutions. 

So, why purchase your Chesterfield Missouri Insurance from us?

We’re committed to outstanding customer service

We start by offering the best insurance products at a reasonable price. But it’s the MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield team that really set us apart from the competition. With combined experience of 60 years, our sales and support staff members can handle your transactions quickly and efficiently. We service each and every account using out team of insurance professionals and we’re always available to answer your questions.

We’re committed to professionalism

Our dedication to client service comes from a culture of professionalism and respect. All of our associates at MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield have strong credentials and all of our policies are presented to you in a consistent and professional manner.

We’re committed to solving problems quickly

MJM Insurance™ of Chesterfield has unique industry relationships, allowing us to provide exclusive insurance solutions to our customers. Additionally, every staff member is trained to actively listen and provide helpful answers presented in a way in which our policy holders clearly understand.

We’re committed to earning and maintaining your trust

We believe trust is something earned by listening to our customers while providing helpful advice and support. Trust and consistent underwriting practices is what we expect from our carrier partners, and in return we owe the same level of service to you.